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Navigating the Mosaic of Sound — Where EDM and Hip Hop Converge in the Indie Realm of Music

Welcome to MP4W Records, a realm where the soul of independence meets the pulse of innovation. Since our inception in October 2019, we’ve embarked on a journey to reshape the EDM and Hip Hop landscape. As an indie record label, we’ve established our mark, specializing in Future Bass, House, Trap/Dubstep, and paying homage to the 90s with inspired Hip Hop.

Our narrative is one of passion and diversity, fueled by a shared love for pushing sonic boundaries. At MP4W Records, music is more than sound; it’s an experience, a feeling, a way of life. We transcend limits and capture hearts as curators of sonic landscapes.

In this ever-evolving musical realm, we stand as a catalyst for emerging artists, offering a platform for voices to amplify. Whether you’re a visionary beatmaker, a trailblazing lyricist, or an avant-garde producer, MP4W Records is your canvas to craft the next chapter in music history.

What distinguishes us is an unwavering commitment to authenticity, steering clear of trends, and setting new standards. Our diverse roster mirrors a kaleidoscope of influences, blending ethereal Future Bass, pulsating House beats, gritty Trap/Dubstep energy, and nostalgic 90s Hip Hop vibes. MP4W Records is a melting pot of creativity.

Our journey is propelled by the belief that every beat narrates a story and that every artist deserves a stage. We’re more than music producers; we’re community cultivators. MP4W Records is a nurturing home where talent blossoms, collaborations flourish, and the love for EDM and Hip Hop unites us all.

Embark on this sonic odyssey with us as we break molds, shatter expectations, and redefine what it means to be an indie record label. This is MP4W Records – where beats are bold, rhythms are relentless, and the future of music unfolds now, driven by our founder’s vision to mesh genres for cross-generational appeal.


 “tHE Old School should maintain some ownership of the culture. Stewarding the New School is how you avoid mumble rap and top 100 EDM producer lists with no producers in the top 10. We have no one to blame but ourselves.”

Javan “Seeeyegee” Clark

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